Exploiting Islamophobia. Danios of Loon Watch disappeared with $8000 after promising book rebutting Robert Spencer

A scamming website Loon Watch capitalises on genuine Muslim fears about Islamophobia by promsing a book on Robert Spencer which did not materialise. They prey on Muslim fears and are probably scammers although ‘they’ claim to be anonymous so that ‘they’ can better ‘fight Islamophobia’. Why do I use scare quotes around ‘they’ and ‘fight Islamophobia’? Because I think it is a one man con job to scam Muslims into donating then disappearing. All the ‘news articles’ are usually copied from mainstream media publications.

Only few articles are original and usually the ones by ‘Danios’. But Danios does not like religion and Loon Watch claims it is not pro Islam. So why they fight islamophobia?  If you read Danios’s rebuttals on Robert Spencer, he focuses on Spencer’s obsession with Turkey.

I already contacted Indiegogo for a refund and I was told to contact Loon Watch. But Loon Watch do not answer emails. Convinced now this is a scam I twittered Loon Watch and ‘Ilisha’ who is the new moderator since a year ago. ‘Danios’ has disappeared and the book has not been sent to us. Like Danios, this Ilisha is anonymous.

Loon Watch claims to be anti Zionist. But Lesley is an Ashkenazi Jew who has lived in Jerusalem. Why is a website which claims to be anti Zionist   using an Ashkenazi Jew from Jerusalem to promote Islam? Because they are using the scam that brown Muslims will be reassured that they are being accepted by ‘white americans’. Hazelton is now living in America. Did a Muslim team up with Lesley Hazleton to scam other Muslims into donating money? If yes, was she an innocent dupe or part of the scam? When I asked her on Twitter, she blocked me. Yet she lent herself to this campaign which i will copy and post. You can see also it here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/loonwatch-fund-our-fight-against-islamophobia



September 3, 2013

Join the first ever crowdsourcing campaign to fight Islamophobia! (And in exchange, we’ll give you an advanced copy of Danios’s upcoming book.) $8,100USD raised of $50,000 goal



Who is Danios of LoonWatch?

I joined LoonWatch in late 2009. Since then, I’ve written over a hundred articles. Thanks to your support, I was the Brass Crescent Award Honorary Mention for Best Writer in 2010 and the Brass Crescent Award Winner for Best Writer in 2011 (The Islamophobes, on the other hand, don’t like me so much. Robert Spencer even said I “ought to get 101 lashes.”)

Due to a hectic work schedule, I “disappeared” from LoonWatch in 2012 (much to the delight of the Islamophobes)…but, now I’m back and ready to pick up where I left off. The first order of business is to complete my book, The J Word: Jihad, Between Hype and Reality.

Lesley HazletonLesley Hazleton

Lesley Hazleton Will be Writing the Foreword to My Book

Lesley Hazleton is an award-winning British-American author who will be writing the foreword to my book. She reported from Israel for Time, and has written articles on the Middle East for The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, Harper’s, The Nation, and The New Republic. Hazleton recently published a biography of the Prophet Muhammad, and has given multiple TED Talks on Islam. She blogs at The Accidental Theologist.

The J WordActual book cover design may vary.

What is my book, The J Word, about?

The Islamophobes have popularized the myth that Islam is a uniquely violent faith. It’s no wonder then that more white Americans than not believe Islam to be the most violent religion on earth. The J Word shatters this myth once and for all, thereby refuting Islamophobia’s central argument.

The groundwork for this book is already done: I’ve written several article series on this topic (click here to check them out), most of them being a part of LoonWatch’s Understanding Jihad Series. For example, I wrote LoonWatch’s most popular article, one that went viral on the internet: All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t–as well as the sequel to that article: Europol Report: All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 99.6% that Aren’t.

The general approach of the book is to refute the work of Robert Spencer, the internet’s most prolific Islamophobe. The idea is that refuting Spencer’s work would refute the fundamental arguments shared by almost all Islamophobes, since they all tend to rely on the same regurgitated hogwash to fear monger about Islam.

Robert SpencerRobert Spencer, Director of JihadWatch and professional Islamophobe

What Do the Funds Need to be Raised For?

The reason I joined LoonWatch was because I was impressed by how professional the site was. As I’ve learned, this takes a lot of effort…and money. We’ve bootstrapped thus far, but now we need YOUR help. Running an organization of this caliber, maintaining a professional website, and publishing high quality media, is not cheap.

The initial funds will be used to write, publish, and promote my book, The J Word: Jihad, Between Hype and Reality. Many readers have expressed a lot of anticipation for this book, and I myself am very excited about this project.

But, fifty thousand dollars is just the initial goal. We must not stop there! If we want to stand toe to toe with the Islamophobes, we’ll need to raise more than our initial goal. With their oodles of funding, the Islamophobes are able to hire full time staff, enabling them to churn out articles on a daily basis. JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer, for example, is paid a six-figure salary by David Horrowitz, which is why he is the most prolific anti-Muslim writer out there.

If we want to go twelve rounds with these Islamophobes, we’ll need to be full time too. So, if we raise enough to make it feasible, I’m willing to quit my lucrative yet soul-sucking full-time job within a year and transition to full-time writing as a career. Remember: even one person (or a small but dedicated force of people) can, with the right resources, have a profound impact…and can even change the world. My goal would be nothing short of extirpating the anti-Muslim myths of the day.

Be a Part of an Historic Campaign

CONTRIBUTE NOW and be part of the first ever crowdfunding campaign to combat Islamophobia.

We all hear the complaints about Islamophobia, and now it’s our chance to do something about it. Thanks to the democratization of the internet and IndieGoGo, we can raise the funds to fight Islamophobia.


What is IndieGoGo and How Does It Work?

IndieGoGo, like KickStarter, is a crowdfunding site. It allows us to host this campaign, which will last a total of forty days. In exchange, IndieGoGo charges a small fee. But, if we fail to meet our funding goal of $50,000 within the allotted timeframe, then IndieGoGo keeps an extra five percent of what funds we raise. So, help us meet (and even exceed) our goal within the next forty days.

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller–two nefarious Islamophobes–have used IndieGoGo recently, and almost reached their goal of $50,000. Can you help us to beat them?

Who Can Contribute and How?

Virtually anyone anywhere in the world can contribute to our IndieGoGo campaign. Payments are through IndieGoGo, which accepts any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted). Payments through IndieGoGo are safe and reliable. (Contributions can be made anonymously if you’d like.)

Just click the CONTRIBUTE NOW button at the top right of this screen.

What Do You Get in Exchange?

Most all of you are no doubt contributing out of the goodness of your hearts, but we do offer PERKS as a way of saying ‘thank you.’ Check out the PERKS on the right hand side of the screen to see what you get in exchange for your contribution. For $25, you get an advanced e-copy of my upcoming book. (A few people have asked if I would personally sign their copy before sending it, and the answer is: yes!)

Please note: (1) IndieGoGo is about funding projects that are still underway. It is estimated that the book will take six months to complete, give or take. (2) These perks will be redeemable so long as we meet our initial funding goal of $50,000. (If we don’t make the goal, I’ll still try my best to produce something worthwhile for those who contributed, but it will probably take longer to do so.)

This campaign will only last for forty days…So that means you need to act NOW. Whether it’s five or five hundred dollars, your contribution is important!


Spread the Word

Whether you contribute money or not, you can (and should) help us in other ways too. We need your help spreading our IndieGoGo link far and wide. Post it up on your Facebook wall, email it to all your contacts, Tweet it, blog about it, etc. The whole point of crowdfunding is to create buzz on the internet, and we need YOUR help with this.

You can also raise funds for us in “real life” as well. Many of the older people in the community would otherwise want to contribute but may not be very familiar with social media. Therefore, you can reach out to them in person. Do you have a rich uncle or wealthy family friend? Ask them to contribute to our campaign.

Another way to raise money is at your local mosque (or an open-minded church, synagogue, etc.). This could be a major source of funding. Download our flyer here. Please email me (danios@loonwatch.com) if you’d like to help in this way.

We Can Beat Islamophobia

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Attributed to Margaret Mead

We know from the Islamophobes themselves that a small but dedicated (and well-funded) group can have a profound impact. With your help, LoonWatch can become a powerful force of good in the world.

Islamophobia is something we can beat. It’s just about raising the money and organizing ourselves. We’ve already achieved so much, and with you help, we will go even further. You and I together are strong and united, and we will go from strength to strength. But, the time to act is NOW.

Be part of something great: CONTRIBUTE NOW and spread our link to the ends of the earth.

Thank you.

-Danios of LoonWatch

Contact: danios@loonwatch.com


Now ‘Steven Danios’ who claimed to be at an ‘ivy league’ university has disappeared. It is obviously a made up name but Lesley Hazleton ( www accidentaltheologist com website) does exist.

I now believe ‘steven Danios’ does not exist and Loon Watch is a one man con job sucker in gullible donors. It is clear now, that he was trying to beat Spencer in raising money. He saw a chance to jump on the bandwagon, but on the ‘opposite side’.

When searching for this con man ‘Danios’ I cam across the links that follow below.

Previously some old discussions in 2010 at Free Republic http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/chat/2626879/posts suggest that Danios is an American based Sri Lankan born immigration lawyer called Atchuthan-Sriskandarajah. See in the comments these links:

Anyone know anything about loonwatch.com?


Unless he has a twin, this is him:




He is Sri Lankan. The head criminal defense and immigration attorney.

Now I was thinking that it was a mismatch with the domainbyproxy.com site, but their domains are held by godaddy.com.

This doesn’t bode well. He runs an international immigration and criminal defense law firm- and he’s only been licensed since 1997. Oh damn.. this spells bad cess from here to India.

Well, there’s the information. I hope it’s not accurate because oh damn. Bad stuff.


At Bartholomews Notes there is speculation in the comments claiming ‘Danios’ is the Turkish Cenk Uygur. see the comments here http://barthsnotes.com/2014/07/08/someone-pretends-to-be-a-daily-mail-journalist-pretending-to-be-an-jihad


Robert Spencer thinks Danios is Nathan Lean: http://www.jihadwatch.org/2013/03/exposed-aslan-media-editor-in-chief-nathan-lean-is-garibaldi-of-hate-site-loonwatch.


There is more speculation about Loon Watch at these links:













Lesley Hazleton blocked me on Twitter when I ask her about her book on Islamophobia which she claimed to be writing with Danios.  Her twitter account is:


Loon Watch moderator ‘Ilisha’ blocked me  too. Ilisha’s twitter account is:


The Loon Watch twitter account is: @loonwatchers

When ‘Danios’ was fundraising he promised readers a book to which would refute Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch. This was over a year ago in Sept 2013. Now under a new writer called ‘Ilisha’ who uses a picture of Japanese Geisha woman to make people think ‘she’ is a ‘woman’ and a new writer. I think Loon Watch is one person, a scammer who saw an opportunity to make money by pretending to be an activist. 

Ilisha and Danios are pseudonyms. So is Ilisha really Lesley Hazleton?

 If you have been fooled too or want a refund join this group and spread the word. If the book is not coming out we want a refund.

 Please add links, if you find out anything and spread the word.